Machine Learning

Unlike rule-based software, OptiWisdom develops machine learning based products. In this way, machine learning based system and product quickly detect and learn situations that people and software have missed, failed to catch up, or have emerged. Therefore, operational alignment is achieved with changing business strategy via machine learning.

Practical Interface

OptiWisdom products’ interfaces have been developed to be particularly user-friendly. It has been designed so that even the end user can analyze complex data with a file upload screen and easily understand results through visuals and graphics.

No Need For A Data Scientist

OptiWisdom uses the state of art machine learning algorithms so that optimizes your data without the need for a data scientist and reduces the 8-week data science process to one day. Consequently it provide saving time by focusing on all your data science needs while you focus on your business.


OptiWisdom aims to provide automated data collection, processing and delivery of predictions throughout the company, at the point of business, with products and services based on machine learning. In this process, it is aimed for the customer to save both time and costs.

Continuous Updates

As machine learning algorithms evolve, OptiWisdom constantly updates its products and algorithms to the most effective ones.

Social Media

Through our social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can learn about new developments related to our products and services.